Wearable Metaverse Initiatives

Wearable Metaverse Initiatives

‘Snap,’ the parent company behind the popular social media platform ‘SnapChat,’ has announced its acquisition of ‘NextMind,’ a brain-computer interface technology (BCI) company. With NextMind, Snap will look into incorporating neural technology, such as BCI, into its Metaverse wearable, the ‘Snap Spectacles’ AR glasses. These AR glasses are the company’s newest venture into the Metaverse, and with BCI, it will carve a unique spot in the market for the Spectacles.

Following this acquisition, Snap has announced the discontinuation of NextMind’s developer kit that allow users to control certain aspects of their computer with their mind. The team of engineers at NextMind will now work under Snap’s ‘Snap Lab’ research and hardware organization. The utilization of BCI would add a heightened level of practical convenience to smart glasses, as many require control through speech, a companion application, or several buttons on the glasses themselves.

Image Credit: NextMind


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