Tropical Sour Ales

Tropical Sour Ales

As the largest craft brewery in Hawaii, Maui Brewing Company certainly knows a thing or two about bottling or canning up the island state’s goodness into delectable craft brews, and that’s precisely what it has achieved with the latest iteration of its ‘Land of Rainbows’ sour ale.

This particular sour ale happens to be crafted in the American Kettle tradition. However, despite its refreshing and welcoming character, this beer is no simpleton when it comes to its brewing process. Using Mosaic and Huell melon hops in conjunction with a unique yeast strain gives rise to a delectable and refreshing beer that explodes with tropical goodness.

The ‘Land of Rainbows’ sour ale is being sold in six-pack cans and comes in at an ABV of 5.5 percent.

Image Credit: Maui Brewing Company


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