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Female-Focused CBD Drinks

Female-Focused CBD Drinks Harmonic Woman CBD has launched a new line of CBD beverages that aim to help women micro-dose and enjoy their experience guilt-free. The beverages contain a classic rose taste without the calories and sugar and are infused with fruit, florals, and all-natural ingredients. Harmonic Woman offers a carbonated finish for a refreshing

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Mae Martin Responds to Bette Midler’s Tweets

Mae Martin Responds to Bette Midler's Tweets Bette Midler has been facing backlash after she tweeted in response to women's rights earlier this month.Bette Midler has been all over the internet lately as fans eagerly await the release of the highly anticipated Hocus Pocus 2. Midler will be reprising her role alongside Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy

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