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Law steadfast Uses Jazz Poetry To Sell Themselves

Law Firm Uses Jazz Poetry To Sell Themselves Law firm advertisements are rarely described as avant garde. Wacky? Maybe. Over the top? Definitely. Funny? Sometimes. Sexist? Unfortunately. Cult classics? Yup. Celebrity filled? Sure. High production value? If we're lucky. But British law firm Square One Law has taken that approach and turned to spoken word jazz

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Ao Ashi – 02

Ao Ashi - 02 OP SequenceOP: Mushinhakusuu () by (Alexandros)[photo10] (Toukyou shiti esuperion) "Tokyo City Esperion"A lot of what I said about Summertime Render can apply to Ao Ashi too (oddly enough). Like the supernatural thriller, sports is an obvious like-a-glove fit for anime. But while there are even more series in this genre, it's surprising how

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Spring 2022 Preview and Video cohort 

Spring 2022 Preview and Video Companion In many years spring is anime's main course, but in 2022 it looks like the appetizer.I don't know what kind of season Spring 2022 will turn out to be - we never know for sure until it happens. It certainly looks a step up from winter (as is normal). But my instinctive reaction when I started putting this preview

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