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Free Pizza NFTs

Free Pizza NFTs Pizza Hut has teamed up with the metaverse-targeted multimedia artist Rob Shields to launch an exclusive collection of Pizza Hut NFTs. These NFTs will not be auctioned, and instead will be given away for free as part of a raffle. Consumers can enter the raffle by attending 'ComplexLand 2022,' a virtual three-day festival that allows

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Flavor-Blasted Peanut Snacks

Flavor-Blasted Peanut Snacks The KP Flavour Kravers have been launched by KP Snacks in the UK as a new lineup of options for consumers to choose when seeking out a way to satiate their hunger and satisfy their craving for premium flavor. The snacks consist of shelled peanuts that have been covered in a hefty amount of seasoning to give them a burst of

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