Sweet Potato-Based Burgers

Sweet Potato-Based Burgers

McDonald’s has announced a new vegan offering for its Netherlands locations titled the ‘McYam.’ The McYam was created through a collaboration between McDonald’s and ‘Eosta,’ a Dutch food company. McDonald’s sought a new alternative meat product for its Netherlands locations due to a new legislation in the Netherlands that would implement am eat and sugar tax. The McYam was selected because of its closeness to meat as well as its low, 50-cent production cost.

The yam-based pattie in the McYam contains protein and fat, making it comparable to plain red meat. Additionally, the yam pattie is flavor-diverse due to its subtle sweetness. Simply using McDonald’s original burger recipe, which contains onions, pickles, and condiments is enough to make the McYam a delicious alternative to meat. Aside from this, McDonald’s will use the McYam pattie to create specialty burgers and offerings while it experiments with toppings and dressings.

Image Credit: Eosta, McDonald’s


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