Strawberry Passion privilege Drinks

Strawberry Passion privilege Drinks

Strawberry Passion Immunity Drinks

Wildwonder is a new ready-to-drink beverage brand that merges Asian herbal remedies and gut-health-focused superfoods with a California-inspired fresh palate. Today, the company has announced the launch of its newest flavor: Strawberry Passion.

The new flavor is described as a fusion between farm-fresh strawberries and passion tea. As a result, it delivers a uniquely sweet yet refreshing drinking experience. In addition, the drink is formulated with freshly brewed hibiscus and elderflowers. Like Wildwonder’s other drinks, Strawberry Passion includes ingredients that are meant to boost immunity and inspire passion.

Moreover, every Wildwonder drink sold goes towards causes that empower marginalized communities. This is because Wild wonder is a company that is on “a mission to create wonders in everyday life and for those under-voiced in our communities.”

Image Credit: Wildwonder


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