Side-Scrolling Platformers

Side-Scrolling Platformers

Adventure platformer Vesper: Zero Light is coming to Nintendo Switch, launching on May 12, 2022. The enhanced version of Vesper will feature new content, additional graphics, a rebalanced experience, and improved performances. The enhanced version will also come as a free upgrade to users who already own the original title.

First released on PC, the game’s key features include escape mechanics, forcing players to run and hide from relentless machines. Using the ‘Drivegun’ allows players to absorb light and create dark spots to hide in, open portals, and activate traps. Players can also control their opponents with light. Cordens Interactive shares an overview of the plot of Vesper: Zero Light Edition: “Thousands of years after the activation of the Vesper Protocol, a small android crosses a fallen world, hunted by merciless machines, to control the power of Light and decide the fate of his race.”

Image Credit: Cordens Interactive


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