Lauren Boebert tells gays to "build your own Florida" if you don't adore the Don't say Gay law

Lauren Boebert tells gays to “build your own Florida” if you don’t adore the Don’t say Gay law

Lauren Boebert tells gays to “build your own Florida” if you don’t like the Don’t Say Gay law

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is all-in on Florida’s Don’t Say Gay law so much that she is taunting LGBTQ people to build their own Florida where they can be themselves.
Last month, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed the Don’t Say Gay bill, which bans discussions of sexual orientation and gender identity in younger grades and requires such discussions to be “developmentally appropriate” in older grades. The law doesn’t define what any of those terms mean, instead empowering parents to sue school districts if they feel that the law was violated. Critics say that the law will be used to end discussions of LGBTQ people, even in the context of anti-bullying measures.
Florida has received harsh criticism because of the law, with stars speaking out against it at the Oscars, President Joe Biden calling the law “hateful,” and Disney – the largest private employer in the state – releasing a statement opposing it.
And Boebert has had enough of these critics, so she decided to tell them off… even if she didn’t quite understand what the law does.
“If you don’t like Florida’s laws protecting kids from doing irreversible damage to their bodies, then build your own Florida,” she wrote.
Leaving aside her misunderstanding of the law – it’s about education, not medical care – commenters didn’t seem to understand what she was telling LGBTQ Floridians to do.
What does that even mean?????
– Charlie Girl (@charliegirl0527) April 24, 2022

I doubt she could find Colorado on a map, Florida is easier to pick out lol.
– Agent 53 (@RealAgent53) April 23, 2022

Better yet
– Louie G (@LouGarza86) April 23, 2022

“Build your own Florida.”… wtf does that even mean?
– David Samollow (@DavidSamollow) April 24, 2022

My family did help build Florida and this law was a waste of taxpayer money. Fixed nonexistent problems for political points is all that happened. Florida doesn’t need more division, we need serious politicians to run a massive state and save a dying ecosystems.
– IRLfly (@M_Earle321) April 24, 2022

What does that even mean?
– Christopher Martin (@ChrisMartin1961) April 24, 2022

these are the solutions that your constituents pay $174,000 dollars every year for?? ridiculous
– Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Gazpacho Soup (@souppoliceQQQ) April 23, 2022

Best way to protect Florida’s children is to make sure your husband stays out of the state.
– bob clendenin (@bobclendenin) April 23, 2022


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