Hypotheticals Aren't objective For frosty Calls Anymore

Hypotheticals Aren’t objective For frosty Calls Anymore

Hypotheticals Aren’t Just For Cold Calls Anymore

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You know, I thought that we could make it without Nazi comparisons, but all internet people know that we’ve been due. Godwin’s Law is the classic rule that “[a]s an online discussion continues, the probability of a reference or comparison to Hitler or Nazis approaches 1.” Something about not being in smacking distance enables all types of devil’s advocates and “what if”-ers to stumble on summoning the visage of Spicy Charlie Chaplin whatever the occasion, even a SCOTUS nomination.
Absolutely shameful conduct from @SenTomCotton. To use a Nazi analogy as some sort of twisted way to attack Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is reprehensible. We’ve said it a thousand times and we’ll say it again: stop trivializing the Holocaust for political gain. https://t.co/XwaF9mOLtk
– ADL (@ADL) April 5, 2022

The miscalculation here is that Senator Tom Cotton’s aluminum foil linking of Judge Jackson to defending Nazis because of her last name is that it may sway some republicans to support her. The Reich has long received support from David Duke – it is not uncommon to find Nazi symbolism at those White Lives Matter counterprotests which lean about as right as a 90-degree angle, not to mention that whole some Nazis are good people endorsement from Head Cheeto way back when.
For my peace of mind, I’m just gonna go the Let’s Go Brandon route. And by that, I mean bracketing off this nonsense and paying it no more attention.
I have seen the “what if Will Smith slapped Betty White and killed her” tweet from a medical doctor so I am going to return to my work. Good day to you all.
– Brandon (@blgtylr) March 28, 2022

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