Free Pizza NFTs

Free Pizza NFTs

Pizza Hut has teamed up with the metaverse-targeted multimedia artist Rob Shields to launch an exclusive collection of Pizza Hut NFTs. These NFTs will not be auctioned, and instead will be given away for free as part of a raffle. Consumers can enter the raffle by attending ‘ComplexLand 2022,’ a virtual three-day festival that allows participants to shop and interact with one another.

Pizza Hut will station three Pizza Hut delivery vehicles around the festival. Each vehicle will be staffed by a zombified delivery driver who will encourage visitors to enter the raffle. The raffle will give away nine NFTs, five depictions of a delivery vehicle and four depictions of a delivery driver. Each Pizza Hut NFT comes with a full year’s supply of free Pizza Hut pizzas.

Image Credit: Shutterstock


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