Ethically-Sourced Shea Butter Products

Ethically-Sourced Shea Butter Products

Shea Yeleen launches its Shea Butter Body Care Bundle with ethically-sourced ingredients. The brand is encouraging consumers to shop ethically as Earth Day approaches with its collection of three full-sized and fair trade shea products. The formulas are geared towards soothing and hydrating the skin.

Shea Yeleen’s shea butter is sourced in Ghana with the help of more than 800 women to ensure a stable future for their communities. The bundle includes the Lemon Verbena Pure Shea Body Balm, the Coconut Melon Rich Shea Body Cream, and Lemongrass Clean Shea Bar Soap. Each formula provides users with vitamins A, E, and F for healthy and soft skin. It also restores elasticity in the skin’s epidermis.

Image Credit: Shea Yeleen


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