Custom-Made Foot Insoles

Custom-Made Foot Insoles

FeetiD has created custom-made, enhanced insoles that offer optimized comfort.

The human feet are two essential parts of the body, used to walk and run daily. It is estimated that humans walk around the earth two times throughout their lifespan. The constant use of our feet puts a lot of force on knees, and the body as a whole — something FeetiD aims to solve. Not only is the insole affordable, but it is also stylish, featuring different colorways for different needs.

70% of people overpronate when walking. This causes the feet to suffer pressure 3-6 times our body weight. With these custom-made insoles, you can make every shoe your favorite, most comfy pair.

Those interested in adding this product to their shoes can find out more information on the Kickstarter website.

Image Credit: FeetiD


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