Comfortable Cycling Cleat Attachments

Comfortable Cycling Cleat Attachments

Comfortable Cycling Cleat Attachments

A Canadian cyclist and engineer by the name of Antony Pringle has devised an innovative cycling cleat attachment that is designed to ensure that cyclists are able to quickly and easily achieve optimal angle and fit for their shoe cleats when using them with clipless pedals.

The ‘Cleat Key’ allows users to set up their cleats so that the pedal axle effortlessly fits through the ball of their feet, although it also permits for tweaking of angles to ensure a hyper-optimized fit. Users can also easily calculate the rotational angle to achieve the best possible customized fit.

This cycling cleat attachment is currently the subject of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, and can be reserved for a pledge of around $69.

Not only does the ‘Cleat Key’ allow cyclists to enjoy optimized performance out on the track, but it also helps mitigate injuries and discomfort.

Image Credit: Cleat Key


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