Children’s TV-Branded Cookies

Children’s TV-Branded Cookies

‘Partake Foods,’ the Black woman-owned vegan cookie brand, has launched the ‘Partake Foods x Sesame Street’ collaboration with the children’s TV show. Through this collaboration, Partake Foods is promoting diversity and inclusion through both its branding and its ingredients. The cookie mix from Partake Foods is animal-free, allergen-free, and intended for all consumers to enjoy.

On top of this, Sesame Street has advocated for diversity and inclusion time and again over the course of its 53 years of air time. Sesame Street stated that it believes this collaboration is “bringing families together through the joys of baking and warm treats.”

The Sesame Street x Partake Cookie Mix can be purchased online at Partake’s website at a price of $7.99 USD per pack of two boxes.

Image Credit: Partake Foods


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