Cannabis-Infused sparkling Waters

Cannabis-Infused Sparkling Waters

Watercolors is a new collection of cannabis-infused sparkling water beverages from Calexo and it shares refreshment with natural flavors, and nano-emulsified THC-five milligrams per 12-ounce can. These canned beverages are designed for experiences that are easy to control and they are ready to enjoy as alternatives to alcohol. The cannabis-infused sparkling waters are available in varieties like Fuschia, Spring and Sea, all of which have zero sugar and zero calories.

This new launch comes in response to consumers responding well to the fun flavors of the brand’s previously launched low-dose cannabis beverages but desiring smaller-sized, lower-dose drinks.

This new collection is dropping alongside a streetwear apparel line. As Chief Creative Officer Brandon Andrew says, “Calexo’s new apparel line is a natural extension of our philosophy of helping people feel good in their bodies.”


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